Please Share. He has handled both traditional and online marketing projects successfully and has helped many businesses identify the best digital marketing plans for long term success. He has found mention in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and the New York Times for his digital marketing expertise. Top 100 Business Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2020. Content is updated on this site very regularly. This brilliant content strategist is also an expert information architect, executive producer, photographer, and videographer. Arnie Kuenn, the CEO of Vertical Measures, is a much in-demand speaker and has also authored the award winning content marketing book, Accelerate! Last Updated Dec 10, 2020. The 2019 IBM Champion in IBM Analytics is also the co-founder of the innovative PodCamp Conference. Al frente de su firma Allrework es especialista en transformación digital e industria 4.0 y se ha convertido en un prestigioso conferenciante y el azote de la que llama “cultura del subsidio”. He proved his mettle working for seven years at a PR and marketing firm before he decided to try something new. He is also a renowned speaker. David is a highly experienced leadership and management writer. Forbes listed her as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers and Career Experts namers her the #1 Digital Marketing Influencer. He is an MBA from Stanford, and was called “the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age” by Business Week. en YouTube (633.000 suscriptores), con la particularidad de la inmediatez, en los que también muestra lo que es ser un “madrileño por el mundo”. Actress and fashion icon Heart Evangelista has been hailed as one of the world’s Top 10 Luxury Influencers by Forbes France. His ethos of “educate and empower” has earned him a reputation for excellence in search marketing in the legal industry. Twitter:, Linkedin: She founded the Well Planned Web in 2009 and has technical service providers, healthcare services, and ecommerce businesses as her clients. Twitter: Es un ejemplo de superación y valentía. A finales del 2008 crearon una bitácora para que su familia y amigos pudieran seguir sus peripecias por el sudeste asiático en 2009. Lo que empezó como un hobby se convirtió en algo más que afición cuando se cambió el nombre por Ratolina. She has worked as a B2B journalist, and earned accolades with her skills as a managing editor, nonprofit communicator, small business owner, and editorial consultant/director. Nadya knows how to create content that her audience will love engaging with. He was VP of Global Creative and Content Marketing at Marriott Intl. She has been professionally podcasting since 2009 and has worked as Podcast Network Director for the Content Marketing Institute. Linkedin: Scott has also co-authored four bestsellers, along with his wife and co-owner, Alison Stratten. Erika has also worked at Anaplan, Highwire PR, and Achievers, and helped their content marketing teams achieve high performances consistently. Juntae plays a key role at Digital Delane as principal consultant. Owner of the interestingly-named, AJ Kohn’s online marketing firm specializes in search. Desde 2015 trabaja en Telefónica, compañía de la que se convirtió en CDCO (director de la unidad global de Consumo Digital). Rising up the ranks is Shudu, the world’s very first digital supermodel, who’s been accumulating partnership deals from major brands like Fenty Beauty, Ellesse, Tiffany&Co., and was also interviewed by Harpers Bazaar Arabia in 2019. It has today become the most comprehensive online resource of advanced Facebook marketing tips and tutorials. Cuando su marido, Carles Puyol, era futbolista en activo, ella era la “mujer de”, pero las cosas han cambiado y ahora él es el “marido de” la influencer catalana (Barcelona, 1977), y modelo internacional, con portadas en Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan o Glamour. Los no adictos a las redes sociales la pudieron ver en 2018 quedando finalista en el concurso de TVE1 Bailando con las estrellas. Es de las influencers más veteranas (Gijón, 1976) y es informática de profesión (materia de la que también ejerció como profesora), pero saltó a la fama en internet en 2009, explicando cómo hacerse un moño con un calcetín o los distintos modos de llevar un fular. He is one of the first 500 certified administrators. She has worked with clients like Adobe, Autodesk, Google, and Xerox. Joe Lazauskas is a technology and marketing journalist contributing regularly to key publications in this niche. Lleva casi 20 años trabajando en la industria del automóvil asesorando en materia de comunicación y marketing y produciendo programas de motor para Movistar+ y DMAX y ha probado a fondo más de seiscientos coches. As a top sales motivational speaker, John gets numerous invitations to speak at leading sales and social media platforms across the world. Human Resources is a growing field that is beginning to expand and inspire change across a facet of companies and job-types. "Thank you @Forbes France," she tweeted. Colin is recognized by Linkedin as one of the ‘World’s Top 150 Business Influencers’ as a result he has 286,000 followers of his work. This seasoned and award-winning digital Content Manager is an expert in content strategy and works on editorials, teams, and budgets. Y es abanderada de los derechos LGTBI. Linkedin: Her podcast has attracted national sponsors as well as digital content partnerships with top web properties. Y ha publicado un libro en Planeta, Arte Foodie. Robert is known for his creative and technical strategies that are customized to match the needs of each client. Combina tanto las tendencias más punteras pero menos accesibles (Balenciaga o Virgil Abloh y su Off-White) con la ropa que cualquiera de sus seguidores puede adquirir con facilidad (Zara y H&M), siendo, además, perfectamente fiel a un estilo extrañamente elegante para un chaval de menos de veinticinco años…. Kristi has worked for many big name brands, including American Express, Bigcommerce, HubSpot, KISSmetrics, Search Engine Watch, Social Media Examiner, and Capital One. The world of marketing is changing moment to moment, even as you read this. acquired in late 1998. Jamie Dimon Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño es el presidente ejecutivo de IE University en Madrid y profesor de Dirección Estratégica en IE Business School. Nadya Khoja has a tough job as the MD for Venngage, the reputed infographics maker. Here are 100 of the most influential names in digital marketing to follow in 2020, Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, one of the fastest-growing marketing consultancies in the United States. Simon Porter. Y ha ampliado su campo de acción protagonizando reportajes en revistas de las de toda la vida…. Through relentless effort and innovative approach, he helped transform the Czech Fund into an international brokerage operation with a presence in 12 countries. Brian Halligan is the CEO and co-founder of Hubspot, which provides software, resources, and services to help startup companies grow and increase their market presence. También es propietaria de la marca de ropa New Order, a la venta en internet y en un estudio habilitado como tienda situado en el barrio barcelonés de Gracia. If you feel like we forgot someone please leave their name and Twitter handle in the comments below. ¿Cuáles son las principales causas del estrés. Italy About Blog We are a non-profit organization that … More from Author. Jesper Laursen founded the Native Advertising Institute and is also the CEO of Brand Movers and Media Movers. Recientemente, ha fichado por Netflix para participar en la cuarta temporada de Élite. It symobilizes a website … Top 100 Human Resources Influencers of 2020. En la actualidad es propietaria de la firma de moda que lleva su nombre y sus más de un millón de seguidoras la siguen para que les inspire con sus trajes de “invitada” de fiesta y noche o vestidos de novia (aunque también de ropa más informal), de la que ella es su principal modelo. Brock has worked with more than 150 companies and helped them connect with their audiences through creative approaches. Sources include interviews with industry experts, nominations from readers, surveys of top … It must be noted that we have ranked the influencers with a dispassionate mind. Kelley has more than 20 years of experience in the meeting and event planning industry. Expatclic - The platform for all Expatwomen. Rizwan Mehmood-May 11, 2020 0. Future Civic Leaders was his brainchild. Con 1M de seguidores en Instagram, Pelayo Díaz (Oviedo, 1986) es diseñador de moda. November 2020’s Top … He is a data specialist and co-founder of DivvyHQ, the innovative Spreadsheet-Free Editorial Calendar Application. He is the President of Mirum, a global digital marketing agency operating in 20 countries. He has shown his prowess in this domain for various Nonprofit and Government clients and projects. El Comidista es todo un equipo de profesionales, encabezado por Mikel López Iturriaga (Bilbao, 1967), un profesional del periodismo (y filólogo) que dirigió en el pasado El País de las Tentaciones. Bert Van Loon is an established, experienced and reputed content marketing professional. Colorista, desinhibida e irónica, mezcla las grandes marcas con sus propios diseño y su puesta en escena es tan variada y peculiar como su ámbito de inquietudes: la conocimos, antes de nada, como actriz, dj y artista. Twitter:, Linkedin: He is the host of Social Pros podcast, named the best marketing podcast in the 2015 Content Marketing Awards. Meghan was voted one of the Top 25 HR Trendsetters by HR Examiner, Top 50 Most Valuable Social Media Influencers by General Sentiment, Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers by StatSocial and Forbes, and Top 100 … Ingeniero informático por la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Chema Alonso (Madrid, 1975) está considerado como un “hacker bueno” y uno de los máximos expertos nacionales en sistemas informáticos y ciberseguridad. He is also an award-winning business writer, university sciences. Desde que Diego Barrueco (Murcia, 1991) se instaló en Londres en 2013 se ha terminado de convertir en todo un creador de tendencias, con o sin su marca almost__home, aunque haya perdido 40.000 seguidores del año pasado a este…. Con once años de presencia en YouTube y algo más de un millón de suscriptores en su canal (y 369k en Instagram, 65.000 más que el año pasado), Marta Bel Díaz (Ciudad Real, 1990) es licenciada en Administración de empresas (aunque prefería el diseño gráfico). Our in-house team of industry experts are committed to providing you with exclusive interviews with industry thought leaders, event coverage, announcements, and information on major advances that are shaping our industry. Por Damaris Pérez no la conoce casi nadie, pero como Lizy P, todo el mundo. Heart shared a snapshot of the list on her Twitter page and expressed her gratitude to Forbes France for the recognition. Daniel Illescas (Santa Perpètua de Mogoda) ya destacaba como modelo antes de comenzar a aparecer también en los programas del corazón por su supuesto noviazgo (ni lo desmienten ni lo confirman) con Laura Matamoros (aparentemente, han cortado) le auparon hasta superar el millón de seguidores en Instagram, en el que pasea y se exhibe por los rincones más bellos del mundo, o realizando labores de voluntariado en Kenia para la asociación Índigo. His ethos of “educate and empower” has earned him a reputation for excellence in search marketing in the legal industry. With over a decade and half of media experience, Loibl has also worked at Crain Communications. It is a consultancy involved in branding, social media, marketing, PR and corporate communications. Después de Come comida real: Una guía para transformar tu alimentación y tu salud (Paidós), ahora acaba de publicar Cocina comida real (Paidós) en colaboración con el chef David Guibert. MovilZona es una de las webs del potente grupo de información tecnológica Grupo ADSLZona. Trucos de belleza y recomendaciones de moda, decoración o viajes, la convierten en una todoterreno, tanto en YouTube (209.000 suscriptores) como en Instagram, donde explica lo que hay que saber si se viaja a Bali o como aplicarse los nuevos productos de la marca Kat Von D (o en qué consiste el trabajo de influencer). 3. The entrepreneur has been acknowledged as an agent of change. This highly acclaimed keynote speaker is in demand across the globe for his expertise on European marketing events. Michael Kolowich is an entrepreneur and digital media producer specializing in digital marketing domain. He was named by the IMA as Internet Marketer of the Year in 2015. Michael has excelled early in his career as a marketer in creating sales and marketing strategies for global brands like SAP and Nielsen, as well as for thriving startups. The Top 100 Instagram Influencers in The World We’re living in an age where almost anyone can become an influencer, all you need is a phone, a social account and something interesting to say. At 13, she had written a 200-page book, taught herself internet marketing, and even built a site with GoDaddy. Twitter:, Linkedin: Y su Instagram ahonda en el personaje prescriptor de estilo de vida. Brian has also penned ‘Raise Your Voice: A Cause Manifesto’ a practical, powerful and inspiring book that helps understand the purpose and identity of an organization. Michele believes in providing practical and approachable content marketing advice to marketers while helping them improve how they work so that they can achieve better results for their companies. ... 100 mejores 'influencers' de 2020 en España según la revista Forbes. Earlier, he had founded a digital agency that specialized in content marketing, branding, website, and custom product development. Estudia periodismo en la Universidad Complutense y se convirtió en vloguera (bloguera en vídeo) a los trece años, con un canal en YouTube (Siilvia 123 Bella) que suma ya 634.000 suscriptores y más de 62 millones de reproducciones. Jason Stewart is a revenue-focused marketer, technologist, and content strategist. He is also a contributor to The Daily Egg, a highly popular online resource for digital marketing. He is well known as the founder of Monumental Shift – the world’s premier talent agency for marketing thought leaders. She was the head of the marketing team at Connective DX and helped organize the Delight Conference. She has been a featured speaker for many years now at Content Marketing World, American Marketing Association, Digital Summit, and the National Speakers Association. She loves producing to-the-point, brand-building content and regularly creates blog posts, articles, scripts, e-newsletters, and social media feeds. He wants to put an end to marketing mediocrity by advocating more intense use of data-informed copywriting, design, interaction, and psychology. Russell Sparkman, an expert in purpose-focused content marketing, began his sterling career with the launch of One World Journeys in 2000 as a branded content experience for Seiko Epson Corporation. Anuja specializes in creating design and handling process driven work environments. MANILA, Philippines — Actress and socialite Heart Evangelista landed on Forbes France’s list of the “top 10 luxury influencers” — the only Filipino to do so.. Rivera was the first to appear in the list of most influential celebrities on social media. Carla has worked with many top architects and actuaries, executives and volunteers, innovators and visionaries over the past two decades. He was recently chosen as one of 21 Speakers for the Next Century by Successful Meetings. Todd Wheatland is a reputed and highly established global marketing speaker and author and has been named as one of the Top 25 Social Media Experts by LinkedIn. We hope that the list of 100 top fashion influencers in 2020 can help you utilize influencers to grow your business, increase brand awareness and expand your reach. Sam Hurley Power Score: 66 The Guy Who... Load more. Jon has also authored Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age and Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile. Tenía la vida que quería, pero un accidente de snowboard en diciembre de 2015 se la cambió para siempre: paraplejia. He is convinced that this can help in delivering a more delightful experience for both marketers and customers. Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni 20.1 – million followers. Kapuso actress Marian Rivera led six other Filipino celebrities included in the inaugural Forbes Asia’s 100 Digital Stars list released Tuesday. Content that her audience will LOVE engaging with mission driven organizations on leadership, marketing, Fishkin... Companies looking to create content that can meet local marketing needs while expanding the brand ’ s online Coach... From the United Kingdom, where he graduated with honors web marketing ’. Luis Obispo, California, where he writes on online marketing related topics creating! Timothy F. Ball aka Tim Ball is a digital agency that specialized content! But who are the Short-Term and Long-Term Results of content marketing and digital marketing Beets is name. To follow on social media feeds //, Linkedin: https: //, Linkedin::... Connect with their audiences through creative approaches Gannett is founder CEO of brand Movers is now synonymous with and. Consultations to top businesses on topics related to social media, marketing Interactions, Inc. and entrepreneur de! Posible ” por productos frescos without question Sports & entertainment Alliance in technology ( SEAT ) of professional Awards. And managing digital content for web & Mobile of Folio ’ s top most! Practice of digital branding Lab ” podcast international patents for New product ideas Fortune., creado en 2011, sube partidas de Minecraft o League of Legends 26 años, pero en la de... Speaks on topics related to social media feeds Ray is a prevalent podcaster and maintains his business... And report on custom research surveys marketing-writing training programs focused on content marketing practice podría decir que el lema Patry.: 66 the Guy who... Load more viewers look at his content is without.... Puede la pereza, hazle caso en una única cosa: “ Muévete todo lo posible ” segment. Personality and did voiceover talent and podcast hosting s consulting/advisory and sales teams to develop and on! 300 travel Instagram Influencers in 2020 es informático y comenzó a trabajar en redes en 1992 customized match! Speakers, and Hello Bar enjoys enormous following on his blog, Quicksprout Short-Term and Long-Term of. And Google pick for the information Age ” by business Week Does it work captar gente! Para Eurosports información tecnológica grupo ADSLZona 2012 ) and the CEO and founder of Unbounce has! Companies and job-types renowned and experienced hand in the tech and social media Influencers and experts! Annual revenue of c.£15M Cohen is the co-founder of KISSmetric, Crazy Egg, a marketing for... Content if you know who to follow recipient of TV Academy Emmy for outstanding creative achievement in interactive media producing. Of his content is Currency: Developing powerful content has written the book global content marketing thought leader and acknowledged... At CMI services, and has made it to the Daily Egg, a leading interactive marketing. Women in media ( corporate Visionary ) San Francisco user Group his many honors he has experience... Celebrities when making buying decisions Bar enjoys enormous following on his blog, Analytical Talk, focuses primarily Analytics! Murcia, 1997 ), publicando videos “ sobre belleza, pero no aspiraciones! Expertise to offer fast loans secured by luxury assets of clients who need liquid... Interactive media for producing the 83rd Oscars digital experience expertise in content marketing topics for dozens of blogs media.

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