For guidance, think about the types of clothing and accessories your significant other gravitates towards—this should give you some clues as to whether they’d prefer a ring that’s classic, modern, nature-inspired, glamorous, or some combination of those. Are you going to surprise her, or will she help you choose? Maybe your significant other has already shared their desires or preferences. Just take you time, stick to your budget and be open to all the interesting options you have. Hence, the first thing you need to do is walk into as many jewelry stores within your reach, survey the average cost on engagement rings, and establish your budget. Here area few of the best-selling engagement ring styles right now, courtesy of Brilliant Earth. If you're looking to buy an engagement ring, you're right on time. Worn on red carpets the world over, you’ll need to think carefully before choosing an emerald engagement ring because typically it will have internal flaws or inclusions, making it fragile for everyday use. If you want a completely flawless diamond, choose an SI1 clarity rating. Does he or she prefer vintage pieces or modern designs? As you are probably not a professional gemologist, it is difficult to know whether what you are buying is genuine. It’s worth a shot if you’ve fallen for a particular ring that’s beyond your budget. Measure at the end of the day when the finger will be at its largest. It has a distinctive antique or vintage look. Buying an engagement ring can be a stressful experience, to say the least. Rings are typically made from one of the following precious metals: A mixture of two of the above, such as a band of white gold with yellow gold, is an increasingly popular choice. Accessories Filed Under:buying guides, diamond, engagement ring, jewelry leave a comment. So, you’re getting engaged and wondering how to buy an engagement ring? Ranges from deep to lighter red. Where is the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring in 2020? Halo engagement rings can come in a variety of shapes; some have round center diamonds, some are Asscher-cut, pear shaped or oval. Read more about how to choose the ideal depth and table for your cut. There’s the shape, cut quality, color and clarity of diamond to consider. While you are there, you can find out what she thinks of current engagement ring styles and settings. We believe you shouldn’t follow certain “rules,” as most rules regarding engagement rings and prices are gimmicks created by diamond marketers and sellers. Color: you must have seen some spectrum of shades in diamonds. If you have a specific jeweler in mind, set up a consultation. From choosing the right diamond or colored gemstone, to the setting, design, cut of the stone or stones to the sizing – they make it easy and much more affordable than your typical high street jeweler. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, you have three primary options that are open to you. By purchasing an engagement ring you can afford, rather than following old, outdated “rules,” you’ll reduce your financial stress and anxiety. We’ll also explain how you can get the best price when buying an engagement ring without affecting its quality. Simply put, you’ll find almost all of the best value diamond rings online, not in local stores. Blue Nile will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring. Others prefer something more unique like a pear shaped ring. 16 Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring. You can also check out our average engagement ring size article if you aren’t sure what size to get. We are a big fan of online retailer James Allen. Accessories. It may take longer than you anticipate, but it’s worth taking your time to make the right choice. You don’t have to purchase a newly mined diamond or a pre-made setting. There is much less stress when you don't have a strong-arm salesperson breathing down your neck. What type of other jewelry does she wear? Use our tips and your own desires to help you find the perfect ring. You’ll have to be careful doing this! Custom settings are available from many jewelers, including Brian Gavin Diamonds and James Allen. We’ve covered ring setting – how the gemstones sit in/on the ring – and your precious metal options for the ring itself, but we need to talk about the cut. This is a sturdy setting as it is less likely to snag on her clothing than a solitaire or other ring style. Let’s get to work. Everything you need to know to put a ring on it. From beautiful heart-shaped rings to oval styles, there are shapes for every personality. We offer a wide variety of new and pre-worn styles, with quality and value authenticated by our in-house experts. Having a solid understanding of the four C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) will help you make an educated decision on a diamond. We’re here to guide you through the process from start to finish so that you find the perfect ring to fit both your budget and her expectations. If the ring doesn’t fit, it may make it harder for it to feel like it’s the “right ring.” An incorrect size also means you’ll need to send the ring in for resizing, which can take anywhere from days to weeks, depending on the style of your setting. You might have also read engagement ring price guides that provide very high estimates for how much a “good” engagement ring should cost. If you’re going to pick out a diamond, you’ll need to understand the different diamond quality measurements. As a result, that special moment when you pop the question will be that much sweeter. Elegant and sophisticated, the Emerald cut varies from nearly square to a narrow rectangle. Please enter your email address to receive your personal code: Hey I'm Ringo! If this is to be a surprise, ask her friends or family what style of engagement ring they think she’d like – for instance, a traditional solitaire, an antique style or perhaps a contemporary or mixed metals ring? The element of surprise is still the romantic way to go. But you can also purchase a diamond and a setting separately, having them mounted later. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular ring setting styles. If you’ve done your homework and you know her style, getting down on one knee with the perfect engagement ring in hand will blow her mind, even if she’s been suspicious. © 2020 The Diamond Pro+412-2501-7829Kernserstrasse 17 / Sarnen, Switzerland CH-6060, We are a team of diamond experts who will teach you to identify scams and avoid spending money on features you can't see. Both are mixed with other metals in order to be durable enough for jewelry. Do you like this halo setting from James Allen? Is her everyday watch silver or gold? First, opt for the color that complements your partner’s style the best. You have lots of choices here, from simple and traditional to modern and fashion forward. Unfortunately, most of the engagement ring tips for guys shared in popular media aren’t very helpful, focusing on vague suggestions and “inspiration” ideas over actionable, specific advice on how to actually choose and buy the best ring. A re-set stone, such as a family heirloom can usually be done in a few days, depending on the complexity of the ring’s design. Although it’s definitely not required, it’s usually helpful to begin searching for an engagement ring two to three months before you propose. Buying a second hand ring means that your engagement ring is a lot closer to becoming an investment. D, E, and F colored diamonds are the rarest and have an icy white appearance. Outside of buying your home or car, an engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases of your life. Kernserstrasse 17 / Sarnen, Switzerland CH-6060. By learning what each represents, you will safely locate the best diamond that suits your budget. What You Should Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring for Your Loved One. Before deciding on the right engagement ring for your beloved, take time to conduct some comparisons. The below images are from Brilliant Earth. While there are many different styles of engagement ring available these days, the most popular is still the solitaire ring which features a single stone, typically a diamond, set with a four or six prong mounting. Diamond dealers like James Allen, Blue Nile and Brian Gavin Diamonds are not only trustworthy and reliable, but they offer some of the best inventory in the world. Not only will you get a better deal, but you’ll also have access to a much larger selection of diamonds and engagement ring settings. Here are four simple ways to save a little money when buying a ring: Consider purchasing a stone with a carat weight slightly below the traditional cut-off point. Topaz gives you a lot of carat for the money. For best results, take the measurement in millimeters. Lean on the people closest to your fiancé-to-be: a best friend, sister, cousin, whoever. Don’t have a clue what her ring size is? Here is our general recommendation for each of the four C’s. They are hugely popular right now. can figure out the correct size. It is flanked by two or more smaller sized diamonds, which add to the overall dimension and brilliance of the ring. Gorgeous durable gemstone, which looks great as a center stone surrounded by diamonds. The Emerald Cut and Marquise Cut, for instance, showcase size better than other diamonds with the same carat weight. Halo engagement ring settings feature a center gemstone surrounded by smaller pavé diamonds, giving it the illusion of added size and brilliance. You can also use our 1 carat diamond ring buying guide to help with your engagement ring purchase. Their imaging technology is the same as inspecting a diamond with a jeweler's loupe. 14K gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings, because it’s cheaper than 18K but is just as beautiful and slightly more durable. Buying an engagement ring shouldn’t be a stressful process. BuzzFeed Staff. Bespoke vs. Made-to-Measure vs. Off the Rack: What’s the Difference? Wider rings require a larger size so allow .25 or .5 extra sizing. Instead, you should determine your budget by looking at your financial situation along with any specific desires of your fiance-to-bé. How much should you spend? These can come in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum settings and many have colored gemstones in addition to diamonds. Now that some initial research has been done and you have narrowed down your search, give yourself 1-2 weeks to explore your purchase options. It’s a great way to buy your wedding ring in advance, and as a package deal. An online retailer can customize the stone, the setting and the style of ring you want, so that it can be totally unique to you and your fiancée. This yellow colored diamond ring, for example, is stunning and unique—and this sapphire halo engagement ring certainly stands out from the crowd. Like anything else related to fashion and beauty, engagement ring styles are subject to trend. Don’t rush things. Second, when deciding between 14K and 18K gold, keep in mind that the main difference is in their alloy composition. It will give the impression of a larger ring yet will cost less. For example, some of the grading entities used to certify diamonds are well known for overstating a stone’s quality. The flaws or inclusions in a diamond may be almost impossible to see with the naked eye, so one with a lower clarity rating can be a good option if you are looking to stick to your budget. Are you planning for a simple band which will be cheaper, or something with a lot of smaller diamonds that will take more of your budget?”. You can even ask a friend to look through ring styles with you. Buying an engagement ring doesn't have to be scary. Don’t hurry into buying the first engagement ring you see. That said, with the COVID-19 spread continuing in some places, one might want to (understandably) skip going into a physical jewelry store to buy the engagement ring. Feel free to totally ignore it! Because this cut has a wide, flat table, flaws and color clarity tend to be more visible, so you’ll want to opt for a high-grade stone. The pavé setting can go around the entire band or half-way round, giving the ring extraordinary fire and brilliance. Keep in mind, pear cut diamonds can be prone to chipping since the tapered end is sort of pointy. Give yourself time to think about how and when you are going to propose. No questions asked returns within 30 days of shipment. You can learn more about this in our guide to diamond certification. Re-measure a couple of times to make sure you get it right. For someone who wants a unique ring, opt for something more custom like this distinct yellow gold ring. Required fields are marked *. For example, a .97 carat diamond appears identical to a 1.0 carat diamond, but it costs a lot less. A final word of advice; don’t go broke buying a ring you can’t afford. We recommend avoiding diamonds with these certificates, as well as diamonds that are sold without any type of certification at all. You’ll want to consider the carat weight of the stones in the ring, the choice of metals such as yellow or rose gold, platinum or silver – as this will determine the final cost of the ring. But when it comes to buying engagement rings online (or any fine jewelry for that matter), the rules of shopping get a bit more particular than simply scrolling, adding to your cart and going through the motions of entering your credit card info at checkout. Other options include symbolizing that your partner is both your best friend and lover by designing an Ever Us ring—or by choosing a gemstone ring designed with their birthstone. How to Buy An Engagement Ring: Tips. Why buy an engagement ring at auction? What about the setting? Do you have a specific proposal date in mind? This was introduced as a marketing ploy after the Second World War to encourage diamond sales. You want to avoid a diamond that’s cut too shallow because the light hits the pavilion at a low angle. Your jeweler or online retailer (check out James Allen’s online ring sizer quiz!) Diamonds come in different colors such as champagne, gray and salt-and-pepper. Getting married and starting your life together can be a costly process. Never miss a post, plus grab this free guide (instant download). If she prefers more color, consider a rose gold ring (find more examples the gallery of recently purchased diamond engagement rings here). There are four main choices when it comes to your setting metal: platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. James Allen is the leader in online diamond sales. (Save 25% now during Cyber Monday Sale) Blue Nile – Along with James Allen, the best out there (Pick Up a Blue Nile Coupon Here for %15 off any setting). November 14, 2019 . Ever. If … We think buying an engagement ring online is a good way to go, especially if you buy from James Allen, because you can design a ring to your (and her) exact taste and specifications. by Alison Caporimo. James Allen will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring. Recent stats from the US De Beers Diamond Insight report showed that the share of women buying their own engagement ring doubled from 7% to 14% … One of the most unsettling aspects of buying an engagement ring is a concern over buying a fake ring. Buying an engagement ring for your loved one can seem rather confusing these days, especially with all the choice and technical details that come with such a purchase. You’ll want to weigh your current financial situation, the cost of the wedding and honeymoon, (if you are helping to cover these costs), your partner’s expectations and whether it’s really necessary to max out on the biggest ring you can afford, rather than opting for something more modest, yet still meaningful.

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