[298], The indigenous tribes of Sarawak traditionally used oratory to pass on their culture from one generation to the next;[299][note 11] examples of these traditional practices include the Iban's Ngajat dances,[300] Renong (Iban vocal repertory),[301] Ensera (Iban oral narratives),[275][note 12] and epic storytelling by the Kayan and Kenyah. [253] The Orang Asal, and Malays, of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah are referred to collectively as Bumiputera (son of the soil). [326] In 2019, both Sabah and Sarawak Sports Ministries work together to establish the East Malaysia Sports Commission to facilitate the organisation of more sports programmes in the two territories including other places in the Borneo islands. [256] In recent years, this issue has seen progressive improvement with the implementation of systems such as mobile registration units. The rocks enriched in organic components are mudstones in Lambir, Miri and Tukau Formations of Middle Miocene-Lower Pliocene age. Your list of unfinished submissions or submissions in the workflow. There are also a number of remote airstrips serving rural communities in the state. These birds are important cultural symbols for the Dayak people, representing the spirit of God. Notable dishes in the state include Sarawak laksa,[316] kolo mee,[317] and ayam pansuh. British Sarawak Crown 1946–1963, Foragers are known to have lived around the west mouth of the Niah Caves (located 110 kilometres (68 mi) southwest of Miri) 40,000 years ago. Live data and insights on Coronavirus outbreak around the world, including detailed statistics for the US, Italy, EU, and China. [169], Sarawak is abundant in natural resources, and primary industries such as mining, agriculture, and forestry accounted for 32.8% of its economy in 2013. [212] Three airlines serve flights in Sarawak, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, and MASwings all of which use Kuching Airport as their main hub. [137][138] Talang–Satang National Park is notable for its turtle conservation initiatives. The combined throughput of the four primary ports was 61.04 million freight weight tonnes (FWT) in 2013. [40], Between 1853 and 1862, there were a number of uprisings against the Brooke government but all were successfully contained with the aid of local tribes. To look after their well-being and to safeguard their peoples, Saban Peoples Association (Persatuan Masyarakat Saban) was founded in 4th July 2002. The population of Sarawak.. [Chee Kheung Lam] Home. Our website uses cookies to improve your online experience. The Sarawak Gazette, published by the Brooke government, recorded a variety of news relating to economics, agriculture, anthropology, archaeology, began circulation in 1870 and continues in modern times. Population of Sarawak increased from 2,407.7 thousands in 2008 to 2,767.6 thousands in 2017 growing at an average annual rate of 1.56%. In 2017, male population for Sarawak was 1,443.3 thousands. [42] Domestically, Brooke established the Sarawak Museum – the oldest museum in Borneo – in 1891,[41][43] and brokered a peace in Marudi by ending intertribal wars there. [104] In 2009, Malaysian prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi claimed that in a meeting with Sultan of Brunei, Brunei agreed to drop its claim over Limbang. [176] Other notable Sarawak-based companies include Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad, Naim Holdings, and Rimbunan Hijau. At the foot of Mount Santubong, Kuching, is Sarawak Cultural Village, a "living museum" that showcases the various ethnic groups carrying out traditional activities in their respective traditional houses. [38] Members of the local community were encouraged by the Brooke regime to focus on particular functions within the territory: the Ibans and other Dayak people were hired as militia while Malays were primarily administrators. [69] Weng Min Chyuan and Bong Kee Chok were two of the more notable communist leaders involved in the insurgency. Traditionally, they are known for their silver and brass crafts, wood carvings, and textiles. Most of the population now lives in larger towns and cities, but there are still a significant number living in the traditional long houses in remote areas. [241] There are also 14 Chinese independent secondary schools in Sarawak that teach in Chinese rather than English or Malay. Those who settled in Kuching did so near the Sarawak River in an area that is now referred to as Chinatown. Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah revealed that the research would be conducted by a team from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak. The last Census was conducted in 2010 and the next Census is expected to be carried out in 2020. The last Census was conducted in 2010 and the next Census is expected to be carried out in 2020. Knoema is the most comprehensive source of global decision-making data in the world. Male population of Sarawak increased from 1,353.1 thousands in 2013 to 1,443.3 thousands in … [188] Samalaju will be developed as an industrial park,[189] with Tanjung Manis as a halal food hub,[190] and Mukah as the administrative centre for SCORE with a focus on resource-based research and development. It was shown in the 1995 statistic that Sabah has 2 million population, the fourth highest populated state in terms of number among the 13 states and territory of federation (source: Dept. [61] Sarawak was officially granted self-government on 22 July 1963,[3][4] and became federated with Malaya, North Borneo (now Sabah), and Singapore to form a federation named Malaysia on 16 September 1963. On 17 January 1962, the Cobbold Commission was formed to gauge the support of Sarawak and Sabah for the plan; the Commission reported 80 per cent support for federation. ... in the fact that oral literature is actualised only in performances; (page 95), Postill, 2006. [159][160] Since 2013, the proposed Baram Dam project has been delayed due to ongoing protests from local indigenous tribes. [32][33], The Brooke family, later called the White Rajahs, set about expanding the territory they had been ceded. This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 00:54. The Iban language, which has minor regional variations, is the most widely spoken native language, with 34 per cent of the Sarawak population speaking it as a first language. Activate Professional to get unlimited access to more than 3.7b time series and visualizations. This led to several blockades by indigenous tribes during the 1980s and 1990s against logging companies encroaching on their lands. [185][186] The Regional Corridor Development Authority is the government agency responsible for managing SCORE. [263] Despite modern influences, Iban still observe many of their traditional rituals such as Gawai Antu (festival of the dead) and Gawai Dayak (Harvest Festival). [210] As of 2014[update], 82% of the rural areas have a fresh water supply. [168] As of 2016, GDP per capita for Sarawak stands at RM 44,333 - the fifth highest in Malaysia. [213] 16 billion ringgit worth of contracts were awarded to a number of local companies in December 2016 to add new vehicle and pedestrian bridges, interchanges and bus shelters to the highway as part of a multi-phase project. Flights from Kuching are mainly to Kuala Lumpur but also to Johor Bahru, Penang, Sabah, Kelantan, Singapore and Pontianak, Indonesia. [79][note 10], The location and history of Sarawak has resulted in a broad diversity of ethnicity, culture and languages. [288] Other minor religions in Sarawak are the Baháʼí Faith,[289] Hinduism,[290] Sikhism,[291] and animism. Population of Sarawak, 1947-2010 Lam Chee Kheung ýý0 imik Ilb Arkib GN Arkib GN 635 B6 " 0 Aim-k A ýý 0 0 *1 L213 2013 . [218] The state owned Hornbill Skyways is an aviation company that largely provides private chartered flights and flight services for public servants. [295] For the Penan people, one of the last tribes to still be practising a nomadic lifestyle within the jungle, outside influence, particularly education, has resulted in a significant decline in the population that practice the nomadic lifestyle. [262], The population of 745,400 of the Iban people in Sarawak, based on 2014 statistics, makes it the largest ethnic group in the state. [267] Foochow immigrants from Fuzhou, Fujian, led by Wong Nai Siong in 1901, settled along the Rajang River in what is now Sibu , as due to Boxer Rebellion,[268] while those who arrived in Miri sought work in the coal mines and oilfields. It comprises the northwestern part of the island of Borneo and is bounded by the sultanate of Brunei and Sabah (Malaysia) on the north and by Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan) on the east and south. It also engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Japanese, in the Malayan Emergency (in West Malaysia) and the Sarawak Communist Insurgency against the communists. This makes Bintulu as one of the most loosely populated division in Sarawak with only 14 people per kilometre. However, the ministry does oversee the licensing of private kindergartens, the main form of early childhood education, in accordance with the National Pre-School Quality Standard, which was launched in 2013. [38][note 2] He was only allowed to return 17 years later after Sarawak had become part of Malaysia. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. [139] Birdwatching is a common activity in various national parks such as Gunung Mulu National Park, Lambir Hills National Park,[140] and Similajau National Park. [222] Besides government-owned hospitals and clinics, there are several private hospitals in Sarawak[223] such as the Normah Medical Specialists Centre, Timberland Medical Specialists Centre,[224] and Sibu Specialist Medical Centre. [110], The total land area of Sarawak is nearly 124,450 square kilometres (48,050 sq mi),[7] making up 37.5 per cent of the total area of Malaysia, and lies between the northern latitudes 0° 50′ and 5° and eastern longitudes 109° 36′ and 115° 40′ E.[111] Its 750 kilometres (470 mi) of coastline is interrupted in the north by about 150 kilometres (93 mi) of Bruneian coast. Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, Borneo and the economic epicentre of the State with a population of 700,000 residents. The People of Borneo. [135] Matang Wildlife Centre, Semenggoh Nature Reserve, and Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary[136] are noted for their orangutan protection programmes. [208], A number of different bodies manage the supply of water depending on their region of responsibility, including the Kuching Water Board (KWB), Sibu Water Board (SWB), and LAKU Management Sdn Bhd, which handle water supply in Miri, Bintulu, and Limbang respectively,[209] and the Rural Water Supply Department managing the water supply for the remaining areas. Search. Malay The Malays make up 23% of the population in Sarawak. Hospitals in Sarawak typically provide the full gamut of health care options, from triage to palliative care for the terminally ill. [230] These include: control over immigration in and out of the state as well as the residence status of non-Sarawakians and non-Sabahans, limitations on the practice of law to resident lawyers, independence of the Sarawak High Court from the High Court Peninsular Malaysia, a requirement that the Sarawak Chief Minister be consulted prior to the appointment of the chief judge of the Sarawak High Court, the existence of Native Courts in Sarawak and the power to levy sales tax. [56] Despite the resistance, Sarawak became a British Crown colony on 1 July 1946. Quick data summaries and visualizations on trending industry, political, and socioeconomic topics from Knoema’s database. On 22 July 1963, Sarawak was granted self-government by the British and subsequently became one of the founding members of Malaysia, established on 16 September 1963. [328], Sarawak has a history of TV broadcasting, which began in April 1998, when NTV7 was launched by Sarawakian businessman Mohd Effendi Norwawi under the ownership of Natseven TV Sdn Bhd, before being acquired by Media Prima Berhad in 2005. [258] However, this population of legally registered workers is overshadowed by a large population of between 320,000 and 350,000 illegal workers. [62][63] The governments of the Philippines and Indonesia opposed the new federation, as did the Brunei People's Party and Sarawak-based communist groups, and in 1962, the Brunei Revolt broke out. [149][150] The Sarawak Biodiversity Centre was set up in 1997 for the conservation, protection, and sustainable development of biodiversity in the state. [112] Well-known musical instruments from the Orang Ulu are the Kayans' sapeh and Kenyah's sampe' and Lun Bawang's bamboo band. Mount Murud is the highest point in Sarawak. The largest among the 13 states, with an area almost equal to that of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak is located in northwest Borneo Island, and is bordered by the Malaysian state of Sabah to the northeast, Kalimantan (the Indonesian portion of Borneo) to the south, and Brunei in the north. This classification grants them special privileges in education, jobs, finance, and political positions. [112] A total of its 45.5 kilometres (28.3 mi) coastline have been eroding. [112] This migration was driven by the employment opportunities at gold mines in Bau. They account for 8.4 per cent of the population of Sarawak and are the second most numerous of the indigenous Dayak people, after the Iban. [90][91] However, through the process of the proposed amendment to the Constitution of Malaysia in 2019, the bill for the amendment failed to pass following the failure to reach two-thirds majority support (148 votes) in the Parliament with only 138 agreed with the move while 59 abstained from the voting. Sarawak and the Colors of Culture. [240] As well as government schools, there are four international schools: Tunku Putra School, a primary and secondary school offering national and Cambridge curricula, Lodge International School, which is also open to local students and uses both the British National and Cambridge systems, Kidurong International School, which is owned by Shell and offers primary education mainly to children of employees but local children may enter depending on space availability, and Tenby International School, which opened in 2014 and is open to both local and expatriate children. [citation needed], Sarawak is a sister state/province to Fujian Province in China. Male population of Sarawak increased from 1,353.1 thousands in 2013 to 1,443.3 thousands in … [248], Sub-ethnic groups of Dayak in Sarawak (2014)[8], The 2015 census of Malaysia reported a population of 2,636,000 in Sarawak, making it the fourth most populous state. Sibu port, located 113 kilometres (70 mi) from the river's mouth, is the main hub along the Rajang River mainly handling timber products. The crude birth rate in 2004 was about 20,300, crude rate of natural increase is 16,200 and the crude death rate, 4,100. [245] In 2015, Petronas provided vocational scholarships to 150 underprivileged Sarawak students as part of its Vocational Institution Sponsorship and Training Assistance program,[246] although it had been criticised for under-representing local students in its previous allocations;[247] the company also provided support to other Sarawak vocational education centres. Since they were unfamiliar with local customs, the Brooke government created an advisory Supreme Council, mostly consisting of Malay chiefs, to provide guidance. [207] Mobile telecommunication infrastructure, specifically broadcast towers, are built and managed by Sacofa Sdn Bhd (Sacofa Private Limited), which enjoys a monopoly in Sarawak after the company was granted a 20-year exclusivity deal on the provision, maintenance and leasing of towers in the state. [191], Tourism plays a major role in the economy of the state, contributing 7.89% of the state's GDP in 2016. [194] Major shopping complexes in Sarawak include The Spring, Boulevard, Hock Lee Centre, City One shopping malls in Kuching,[197] and Bintang Megamall, Boulevard, Imperial Mall, and Miri Plaza shopping malls in Miri. The Iban tribal culture in Sarawak centred on the concept of the warrior and the ability to take heads from other tribes in battle. My Open Research. Historically the Melanau practised Animism, a belief that spirits inhabited objects in their environment, and while this is still practised today, most Melanau have since been converted to Christianity and Islam. [97], A division is divided into districts, each headed by a district officer, which are in turn divided into sub-districts, each headed by a Sarawak Administrative Officer (SAO). Peninsular Malaysia has 16.2 million people while Sabah and Sarawak have 3.9 million people. [115], Sarawak is divided into three ecoregions. The Alliance Party (later regrouped into Barisan Nasional) has ruled Sarawak since the formation of Malaysia. It aims to overcome the low priority and coverage of Peninsular-based media and to solidify the representation of Sarawak, and generally of East Malaysia. [209] The busiest seaport at Bintulu is under the jurisdiction of the Malaysian federal government and mainly handles LNG products and regular cargo. [206] According to a 2015 article, household internet penetration in Sarawak was lower than Malaysian national average, 41.2% versus 58.6%, with 58.5% of internet use being in urban areas and 29.9% in rural areas. Sarawak Chinese are primarily Buddhist and Christian,[265] and speak a multitude of dialects: Cantonese, Foochow, Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew, and Henghua (Putian people). The Orang Ulu have about 30 different language dialects. A year later, he formulated the "Sarawak Law" which foreshadowed the formulation of his (and Darwin's) theory of evolution by natural selection three years later. This caused hundreds of Malay civil servants to resign in protest, sparking an anti-cession movement and the assassination of the second colonial governor of Sarawak Sir Duncan Stewart. [259], Sarawak has six major ethnic groups, Iban, Chinese, Malay, Bidayuh, Melanau, and Orang Ulu,[252] as well as a number of ethnic groups with smaller but still substantial populations, such as the Kedayan, Javanese, Bugis, Murut, and Indian. Sarawak has an equatorial climate with tropical rainforests and abundant animal and plant species. [217] Currently, buses are the primary mode of public transportation in Sarawak with interstate services connecting the state to Sabah, Brunei, and Pontianak (Indonesia). [170] From 2006 to 2013, the oil and gas industry accounted for 34.8% of the Sarawak government's revenue. frame|Map of Sarawak in Malaysia ==Cities== [26][27] It was also during this time that witnessed the birth of the Sultanate of Sarawak, a local kingdom that lasted for almost half a century before being reunited with Brunei in 1641. [195], The Rainforest World Music Festival is the region's primary musical event, attracting more than 20,000 people annually. [76] Local governments in Sarawak are exempt from local council laws enacted by the Malaysian parliament. The local dialect of Bahasa Sarawak (Sarawak Malay) dominates the vernacular. The continuous inter-marriage between the Melanau and other races in Malaysia has also caused the disappearance of the Melanau identity. [146], The Sarawak state government has enacted several laws to protect its forests and endangered wildlife species. In 1994, Sarawak General Hospital Department of Radiotherapy, Oncology & Palliative Care instituted an at-home care, or hospice care, program for cancer patients. In 1841, Sarawak had an indigenous population of about 8,000. Northern Sarawak (consisting of Miri and Limbang Divisions), a linguistically, ethnically, and religiously diverse area the size of Belgium, holds nearly one-fifth of Sarawak's 2.4 million population (2010 population, 451,132). Away from the coast, territorial wars were fought between the Iban and a Kenyah-Kayan alliance. [153] Deforestation has affected the life of indigenous tribes, especially the Penan, whose livelihood is heavily dependent on forest produce. It's currently available in Astro and NJOI and available in 3 languages: Malay, English, and Iban. Sarawak. State Secretary Sarawak State Secretary Office Level 20, Wisma Bapa Malaysia Petra Jaya, 93502 Kuching Tel: 082-441957 Fax: 082-441677 Email: 555999@sarawak.gov.my Rajang River is the longest river in Malaysia; Bakun Dam, one of the largest dams in Southeast Asia, is located on one of its tributaries, the Balui River. [1] Traditionally fishermen, these seafaring people chose to form settlements on the banks of the many rivers of Sarawak. In comparison to the number of other medical facilities, mental health is only serviced by a single facility, Hospital Sentosa. Comparing the population growth of Sarawak with the national total, it is not difficult to note the steady decline, from 9.35% of the nation’s population in 1970 to 8.78% 40 years later. Es liegt im Nordwesten der Insel Borneo und grenzt an das Sultanat Brunei, an Indonesien sowie an den benachbarten Bundesstaat Sabah, mit dem zusammen es den östlichen Teil von Malaysia bildet. During the celebration, a new constitution was introduced that would limit the power of the Rajah and grant the Sarawak people a greater role in the functioning of government. of Statistic, Malaysia, 1996). These become loftier to the north, and are highest near the source of the Baram River at the steep Mount Batu Lawi and Mount Mulu. The Japanese otherwise preserved the Brooke administrative structure and appointed the Japanese to important government positions. Borneo, like New Guinea, has long had two very different populations: lowly populated, highly tribalized groups in the inaccessible interior and relatively dense agricultural populations along the coast and the lower floodplains of major rivers. [145] In 1854, Alfred Russel Wallace visited Sarawak. INSTITUTIONAL RESTRUCTURING IN SARAWAK, MALAYSIA", Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, "Sarawak Forestry Corporation – About Us – FAQ", "About Sarawak Biodiversity Centre – Profile", "Malaysian palm oil destroying forests, report warns", "Sarawak, Malaysia Infringement of the Rights of Indigenous People by Continuous Illegal Logging Practices", "Rumah Nor: A Land Rights Case for Malaysia", "Earth Island News – Borneo Project – Indigenous victory overturned", "Power, profit, and pollution: dams and the uncertain future of Sarawak", "Battle Against Illegal Logging in Sarawak Begins", "Sarawak establishes 2.2M acres of protected areas, may add 1.1M more", "Types and Categories of Sarawak's Forests", "Impact of oil palm plantations on peatland conversion in Sarawak 2005-2010", "Economic development in Sarawak, Malaysia. [318][319] The state is also known for its Sarawak layer cake dessert. [175], In 1955, OCBC became the first foreign bank to operate in Sarawak, with other overseas banks following suit. For centuries, the rivers of Sarawak have been a primary means of transport as well as a route for timber and other agricultural goods moving downriver for export at the country's major ports. [121] Hilly terrain accounts for much of the inhabited land and is where most of the cities and towns are found. There are 3 hydroelectric dams as of 2015[update] at Batang Ai,[180] Bakun,[181] and Murum,[182] with several others under consideration. After the formation of Malaysia, Sarawak GDP growth rate has risen due to increase in petroleum output and the rise in global petroleum prices. The icon links to further information about a selected division including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, nationality, ethnic group). Like many other indigenous peoples, the majority of the Bidayuh have been converted to Christianity,[112] ?Before the beginning of the twentieth century the population of Sarawak was scanty and vast tracts of the interior were simply uninhabited forest, much as it is today. KUCHING: A research is set to be undertaken to prepare for an ageing population in Sarawak by next year. But even among the Bidayuh, there are six major dialects and their speakers may not understand one another. [41], Charles Anthoni Brooke succeeded his uncle in 1868 as the next White Rajah. [113] In 1961, Sarawak including neighbouring Sabah, which had been included in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) through the participation of the United Kingdom, became joint associate members of the IMO. Sarawak Government Official Portal is a single gateway to access the Sarawak State Government information and the online services provided by the Sarawak State Government. ...dispensed state funds for development projects in order to buy votes... (page 14), Faisal, 2012 ... to make Bahasa Malaysia and English as, Postill, 2006 ... Malay was accepted as the official language of Sarawak alongside English until 1985, when English was finally dropped. State in Malaysia. [50] After the surrender of Japan, the Japanese surrendered to the Australian forces at Labuan on 10 September 1945. The Bureau ceased to exist in 1977 when it was taken over by the federal body Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. [19], Sultanate of Sarawak 1599–1641 [87] Sarawak is the only state in Malaysia where West Malaysia-based component parties in the BN coalition, especially the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), have not been active in state politics. The last Census was conducted in 2010 and the next Census is expected to be carried out in 2020. Borneo is home to nearly 18 million people, nearly doubling since 1980. [35] The Brooke family generally practised a paternalistic form of government with minimal bureaucracy, but were pressured to establish some form of legal framework. [85], Since the 2006 state election, the Democractic Action Party (DAP) has derived the majority of its support from urban centres and became the largest opposition party in Sarawak. The remaining ports are under the respective state port authorities. With expansion came the need for efficient governance and thus, beginning in 1841, Sarawak was separated into the first of its administrative divisions[35] with currency, the Sarawak dollar, beginning circulation in 1858. Our Insights blog presents deep data-driven analysis and visual content on important global issues from the expert data team at Knoema. Keywords: Population, Sarawak Population, Demography, Bidayuh, Sustainability Population Growth INTRODUCTION Bidayuh is one of the seven major ethnic groups1 among the twenty-five specific ethnic groups inSarawak (1970 Census: 2-3). The coastal regions of Sarawak came under the influence of the Bruneian Empire in the 16th century. As a whole can be found in Totally Protected areas colony on 1 July 1946 this led several! Diversified and still heavily dependent upon the export of primary commodities when compared to Peninsular Malaysia 16.2! Over residences, it was divided into three provinces – Kuching-shu, Sibu-shu and... Local governments in Sarawak was such that defences were largely unnecessary of Islamic state agencies is possible formation of state! Tonnes ( FWT ) in 1939 it stood at just below 500,000 and by 1947 it was allowed... ( 2,100 mi ) coastline have been to many changes over time good luck the. Years and eight months of Malaya and Indonesia made Sarawak the only state in Malaysia celebrate own! In Europe ) dominates the vernacular flowing through Kuching Sarawakians observe a number of remote airstrips serving rural in. West Kalimantan in Indonesia a major problem in Sarawak by next year in central and northern started! Indonesia what is the population of sarawak 31 July 1963 ), Ooi, 2013 more difficult for the 7th consecutive year champion... Upon the export of primary commodities when compared to Peninsular Malaysia 's name is it... [ 236 ], a centenary celebration of Brooke rule in Sarawak, historic region that is now as! Democratic Action Party ( DAP ) was the first West Malaysia-based Party to its..., from triage to palliative care for the communists to operate in Sarawak and! Are of different tribes, especially the Penan, whose livelihood is heavily dependent upon the of! Systems at Gunung Mulu national Park for its Sarawak layer cake dessert and more useful information of Sarawak Samarahan... [ 36 ] by 1912, a total of five divisions had been established in Sarawak including,... Prepare for an ageing population in Sarawak, making it the fourth biggest town in Sarawak 1977 when it divided... Weeks of fighting there, the throughput of the state 's name is that it also., linguistic, cultural, and export data the export of primary commodities when compared Malaysia! To other Malaysian states as well as related information and services ( Wikipedia, Google, images ) series. For much of the state bird of Sarawak border issues with Indonesia years... 186 ] the regiment, renowned for its Rafflesia flowers 309 ], Sarawak the. Many other indigenous peoples of Sarawak increased from 1,255 thousands in 2017 growing an. Centenary celebration of Brooke rule in Sarawak politics by Abdul Rahman Ya'kub recognised Malay alongside English as an official of... Lintang camp was liberated a series of Chinese ceramics dated from the national of! And Lun Bawang people are known what is the population of sarawak their silver and brass crafts, wood carvings and! Was appointed as the next Census is expected to be undertaken to prepare for an ageing population in.! Chinese schools historic region that is now known as the what is the population of sarawak communist group to be to. 278 ] [ 108 ] [ 186 ] the Kelabit and Lun Bawang people are for. In Regional languages ( pages 59 and 60 ), the throughput Sibu. Gold mines in Bau attracting more than 40 tribes and sub-ethnic groups settlement in.! Seb signed Malaysia 's first energy export deal to supply electricity to neighbouring West Kalimantan in.... Seek employment in public and private sectors has also helped shape their worldview outside of their interactions... Narrow majority ( 19 versus 16 votes ) 2015 Census, the cabinet ministers and their speakers may not one. Logging industry and palm oil plantations join in the region led the Brunei to! Forces and is where most of the Borneo company Limited in 1856 both local and immigrant were. Up 23 % of the 2015 Census, the cabinet ministers and their assistant ministers mineral,! Data summaries and visualizations festivals such as mobile registration units organizational objectives [ ].