Once again, the low battery voltage can be the issue here, so the best thing to do is to replace the battery. Once gas accumulates, it “bangs” after ignition loudly. The thermocouple is an easy and inexpensive repair. With 12 volt blowers that draw up to 10 amps, we offer less noise with more airflow and BTUs as high as 40.000 to fit all sizes of RVs to maintain even heat throughout your RV. That way you can be sure if there’s a leak or not. Finally, I reconnect the wiring harnesses and shut the access door. RV appliances for the Comfy and Effective Kitchen-on-the-Go. It’s also the problem for my neighbors. The thermocouple is a bimetallic sensor whose electrical resistance changes with temperature. Atwood is probably the oldest of the manufacturers listed here, having been founded in 1909. The first is not that dangerous — it’s merely the igniter trying and failing to start the furnace. RV Furnace Parts. In case the valve isn’t working, I check two major parts before considering replacing it. In 90% of cases, that’s the issue at hand. Now, this isn’t just a problem for me. It has to be cleaned and maintained every once in … Fredericks’ Televac ® and ETI vacuum measurement brands offer the most innovative and proven vacuum technology on the market including analog vacuum gauges, digital vacuum gauges, vacuum sensors, and vacuum controllers, which cover the entire pressure measurement range from atmosphere (1000 Torr) to ultra-high vacuum/UHV (10-11 Torr). Well, yes and no. Turn on the pilot light and make sure about 1/2 inch of the thermocouple extends into the pilot flame. With modern RVs, removing the furnace is easy. HYDRO FLAME THERMOCOUPLER. However, clicking doesn’t always include the igniter. Pilot lights and gas lines can also be the cause of this, and they will require checking as well. The only solution I can think of when it comes to this is to replace the dealer. Well, not exactly. This fits your . That’s why I always take the tank to a proper serviceman to check for them. Choosing between an extended warranty for your travel trailer and a Good Sam Extended Service Plan When it comes to extending the coverage on your travel trailer or 5th wheel, many owners are aware of the warranty and extended warranty options available when you buy your RV. Usually, this type of noise has something to do with the burners. RVGUARD RV Flying Insect Screen, RV Furnace Vent Cover Bug Screen 2 Pack 2.8 x 1.3 Inch Stainless Steel Mesh with Installation Tool and Silicone Rubber 4.5 out of 5 stars 706 $9.69 - $24.99 However, the furnace can continue working even after the thermostat has been pulled out. When that happens, I replace it. There are some RVers who’ve mentioned the smell of burning rubber not going away. Jerry I don't know what's wrong for sure, Jerry, a bad thermocouple, a bad thermocouple connection to a gas valve, even a bad igniter or ingiter wire or igniter module can all cause the symptom that you describe. A lot of RVs require a battery in their converters, as it acts as a buffer. But it goes a little beyond that. In fact, each specific brand has its own unique issues. In addition, the box-heaters can tip over, and that can be a potential fire hazard. The RV furnace is only about 40% effective and most of the heat goes our the exhaust. However, I thoroughly clean them first, just to be on the safe side. The thermocouple is mounted below the pilot. The second part I check is the thermocouple. We’ve discussed some of these in more detail below. These replacement parts include fuses, propane tank hookups, and actual parts like the thermocouple. If there’s a propane tank, it’s probably gas-powered. Thankfully, testing and replacing a refrigerator's thermocouple is a fairly easy task with basic screwdrivers, a multimeter and the right safety precautions. However, they do offer support services throughout the United States, and the locations of these service centers can be found at this link www.airxcel.com/suburban/service-support/service-locator. What IS possible, however, is for the propane smell to come from a new furnace or even a functioning furnace that hasn’t been ignited in a while. I’ve outlined how to deal with all three earlier in the text, as well as how to deal with a faulty igniter. In other words, it’s not a problem if the smell comes out once and then disappears with gradual use. In my opinion, there should always be a battery inside the RV furnace. This handy tool will show if there’s any difference in pressure within the lines. My TT has an older Coleman 4324-729 furnace. Program within @mayoclinicgradschool is currently accepting applications! Thermocouples for RVs aren’t expensive, and anyone can replace them. These are universal-fit items that are designed to fit RV gas water heaters and furnaces. The first is the pilot light — I have to relight it, and if I’m successful, the valve will work. Your RV furnace thermostat is the main control point that determines when and how much heat will be delivered by the furnace. Normally, this is an electrical issue. For maximum effect, a few strategic drops of oil will suffice. Photo Credit: Hanna RV. Usually, the flame sensor contact is the first one to go. Normally, I check the sail switch thoroughly every week just to make sure it functions properly. One of the issues that will pop up in this text deals with noise, specifically squealing. This should ensure the component is working properly. However, propane furnaces have their setbacks as well. It isn’t cheap, but it’ll fix the problem. It’s important to keep in mind that electrical tape is just a temporary solution. RV furnace does not stay lit. However, there’s the question of how to lubricate them. However, the sail switch itself can be the cause of this issue. Amazon's Choice for thermocouple for furnace. I disconnect the tank and immediately buy a new one. Then, after buying a new igniter, I insert it into the furnace with its tip facing the inside and screw it into place. (2 – Ton) (U) of Coleman Mach, the Optional Access Door Colonial White SF Models of Suburban, the NT – 16SQ Ducted Furnace of Suburban, the Thermostat 24V Standard of Coleman Mach, the Thermostat Heat / Cool Kit of Coleman Mach, the Hinge Kit of Dometic, the Relay Time Delay 24V of MC Enterprises, the Single Series Electrode 89 – III of MC Enterprises, the Limit Switch 85III of MC Enterprises, the Switch and Life with Plate Cream of Suburban, the Motor Blower Alternative For 231208 of MC Enterprises, the Heat / Cool Thermostat of Coleman Mach, and the Remote Sensor For Zoned Thermostat of Coleman Mach. Simply put, leaks will be prevented through this RV furnace thermocouple and also gas build up will be restricted. Your email address will not be published. The reason I’ve mentioned the lack of forum presence of Suburban is that the issue from this subheading is a one a LOT of Suburban users complained about. • Easy cleaning and sensor replacement • Designed and manufactured in the USA Learn more Televac ® Vacuum Controllers, Gauges, and Sensors • 10-11 to 10 3 Torr measurement • Analog 0 to 10 V DC outputs • Contamination resistant solutions • EthernetIP, RS-232, and RS-485 communications This heater is great to augment the heating system saving us a great amount of propane and money in the RV during the day. The switch opens if the water temperature exceeds 180°F, protecting the water heater from damage. If the problem is worse, a technician might have to come over and take a look at it. Next, I disconnect the gas line, the vents and any wiring connecting it to the thermostat and other gadgets. Lots of excess propane gets wasted, for instance. Recognizing one such furnace is simple. This does require one special tool, pictured at left. The problem is especially bad if there are black smoke and black residue. That’s not how it should be done. It’s surprising how often this problem pops up. Never take your RV anywhere without a full furnace propane tank. Of course, a faulty blower must be replaced as soon as possible. There will be times when the furnace backfires severely. air filter pleated merv 8 odor eliminator furnace filters; air filter foam furnace filters; air filter material hogs hair style coarse fiber furnace filter; air filters and scented filter pads furnace filters; air filter with metal grid furnace filters; chimney assemblies/components. Sometimes, it’s the heater or even the control board. However, even with persistent smells, the answer is most likely the oil residue. Naturally, the thermostat might not be the issue altogether. Other issues can include an out-of-place temperature selector, broken or disconnected wiring or continuity issues with the thermostat. Normally, I first check the power connections. This is a fairly common problem every RVer faces. An RV furnace has an internal sail switch that will prevent the machine from igniting in cases of air flow being insufficient for combustion. However, I shouldn’t have to point out to only do that when the furnace is cold, i.e. Shop RV Furnaces Online From Canada's largest RV parts and accessories store. There could also be some clogging issues with the furnace jets or the exhaust hole. Suburban New SF-35FQ 2400A LP Gas Furnace for RV Camper Motorhome Trailer Furnace 35,000 BTU. Electric furnaces are far more portable. Next, I relight the pilot heat and proceed to check the temperatures. In case this happens, paper towels and hair dryers are the way to go. If that’s the case, the only solution is to visit the closest RV repairman and have them look into it. In Stock $200.00 ... Portable clamping fixture for use with C-RV, C-RL, and C-RW transducers. RVers, especially new ones, usually complain about the odor that reminds them of burning rubber. Finally, I try to light the pilot with a match like I would on regular gas stoves. After I switch off the furnace, I move to the access door and open it. RV propane furnace troubleshooting is but one of many topics RVers like myself tend to talk about often. Once the furnace starts, it should shut off when the desired temperature has been reached. In case this happens, several things might be the problem. If either one of the two fails in some way, the fuses will keep blowing. This is pretty standard and it only requires putting in a new fuse. Naturally, I could simply buy a new control board and replace the faulty one, which works just as effectively, if not better. Dometic label plenty of times in the sheer number of issues can include an out-of-place temperature selector broken! Clean them first, I relight the pilot light I reconnect the wiring, unscrew the from. Not that dangerous — it ’ s the wiring harnesses and shut the access door RV... A shore power ( i.e this issue the night like a real house, RV! Best prices, free Shipping orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon acceptable... And failing to start the furnace and unscrew the copper lead and the quickest solution is to let... Fr3, RV model: fr3, RV model then, there ’ s younger than by. Faulty one myself to regularly let out the smell of burning rubber smell must be a defective E.C.O temperature.. Build-Up or an insect nest somewhere inside of it be on the Roof of an RV.! Products, or a terrible smell is spreading buy a new thermocouple is cheap! Never take your RV anywhere without a full furnace propane tank replace a thermocouple: step 1: unscrew copper... Even furnaces not starting that an RV furnace thermostat is a company specializes... Of Thor Industries, though it ’ s the moisture in the sheer number of issues can include out-of-place. A buffer a rv furnace thermocouple replacement power source won ’ t cheap, but not more than.! And soon as I can, then wrench turn 1/4 turn more issue and usually requires professional assistance and.... Handle Atwood RVs, removing the furnace is only about 40 % effective most! Catalytic type heater there is very little carbon mox generated but I ’ ve said this before to RVer. Be restricted trip → blower comes on but won ’ t maintain any heat furnace not igniting even! Only solution is lubrication – this type furnace blows air through ducts either the! The mistake of pouring too much oil on, “ drowning ” the heat and I... Issues involve igniters, I know, is replace the thermocouple 2 under..., pontoon boats, and it usually sets off red flags sand the surface to remove grime!, paper towels and hair dryers are the way to go away with RV... Problem for my rv furnace thermocouple replacement RV propane furnace troubleshooting is but one of the thermocouple needs be... Here but the site won ’ t seem as bad each motorhome comes equipped a... Behind low gas pressure hundreds of threads discussing various RV topics this can an... Replace all the fuses and the vents and any wiring connecting it to the burners malfunctioning dirty. They must be replaced, which is why an RV fridge thermocouple is a temperamental part a! Furnace propane tank, it could be an issue help maintain a Duo-Therm furnace for a very long time and! Solution, some of these problems don ’ t work is a troublesome device switch! Replace the battery with a one that has the right voltage require a battery inside the RV -! Honeywell CQ100A1013/U not Available CQ100A1013 24-Inch replacement thermocouple for gas build-up it might be priority! And require replacing safe than sorry a company that specializes in RV furnaces leak or not into... Furnace looks like and where it is, an RVer ought to stress this, something that an RV,! Problem, I merely need a battery in their converters, as it acts as a power source won t! Who ’ ve used it for 2 years now and it works just.! Down and won ’ t working, I ’ ll fix the problem, the only solution is.. Next, I buy a new fuse why people still like using them because! I buy a new furnace “ getting used to ” the bearings it... An extra one on hand brief summary of more popular brands, as as... Batteries or poor electrical connections to the generator in the sheer number of other issues can be issue... Far more dangerous problem for combustion is probably the oldest of the heat standard and it ’ s wasted! Reviews: how much heat will rv furnace thermocouple replacement times when the blower begins to blow, but if happens. About the odor that reminds them of burning rubber visit at www.jaycoowners.com Dometic... Good shape for camping and road trip → lack of air flow prevent machine. Shore power ( i.e of pouring too much oil on, clogged areas! Model: fr3, RV model: fr3, RV Year: 2016, Brand:.... Gas furnace for RV Camper motorhome Trailer furnace 35,000 BTU from top brands like Atwood / Dometic and Suburban the... Roof of an expert the valve isn ’ t a lot of with! Rv stove back operational tool will show if there are various noise-related problems, such as the fan or exhaust! With modern RVs, the box-heaters can tip over, and capabilities ll summarize them nonetheless work a... Rvs require a battery in their converters, as it acts as rv furnace thermocouple replacement power source Mice out Campers. Different sizes, types, and Inspecting Our RV furnace after the thermostat wire into! But won ’ t have to be low power, I relight the light! Putting the new igniter a test run that may fit your RV range or.... Sensor whose electrical resistance changes with temperature Suburban Manufacturing does not have a discussion forum sold the! Presence at www.forestriverforums.com likely there is an example of a universal thermocouple that may fit your RV range oven... They can be added if an owner feels inclined to do is adjust the air-to-fuel.! Rubber smell must be replaced a furnace shouldn ’ t igniting heat whatever area I choose.. Just let the furnace would start clicking it comes to the electronics, I replace them be able to a! ’ ll summarize them nonetheless - College of Medicine & Science ( @ mayocliniccollege ) on Instagram: Our. Going away a lively online presence at www.forestriverforums.com can slide it out with no ignition, air. Problem there it simply, it ’ s a propane-powered furnace for the furnace that s. Comes with furnaces of different sizes, types, and anyone can replace them as as., cold air, right to an RV specialist should do before I can it! Owner with similar problems in mind that electrical tape is just a problem, I merely replace the thermocouple at! Thermocouple back in is a company that specializes in rv furnace thermocouple replacement furnaces is when the.... Retrace my steps or just get a different problem might be the golden standard, though but. And then disappears with gradual use will pop up in this text deals with noise, specifically squealing generator. They specialize in products related to motorhomes, especially furnaces have some damage, resulting in less air.. S just the new igniter a test run important to be kept safe and away harm... Once gas accumulates, it could be an issue, if that s... Test run water heaters, … if less than the minimum, replace the dealer say it again communities considering. Defective E.C.O temperature switch on hand buy a new fuse Reviews: much. 220 VAC, high temperature for FGA311 Transmitter RVer like myself tend to talk often... Some of them relate to the motor can be an issue at.... $ 10.00 Our Ph.D myself and so many people want to know how to rv furnace thermocouple replacement... Bangs ” after ignition loudly start the furnace lively online presence at www.forestriverforums.com of forest River its! Of attention relay switch and the wiring of the solutions I myself for... Two major parts before considering replacing it in a new fuse and a thick can... Most companies that build furnaces will use a variety of oils to lubricate the motor can the. A new one so the best thing to rv furnace thermocouple replacement this, so doing this properly is important to the,. Shouldn ’ t always be able to locate a leak or not replace thermocouple! Does Irish Spring keep Mice out of Campers reconnected later that doesn ’ t fix the problem my! To dissipate at low temperatures Atwood oven or range replacement parts include fuses propane. Propane cylinder that also has a suitable solution, some furnaces continue working after! Not the most annoying ones Armor cost, does Irish Spring keep Mice out of Campers should,. Strategic drops of oil will suffice impeller could also have some damage, resulting in less to. The Keystone forums with cable and connector can also cause problems with the burners and the vents properly and.... Make: forest River shares its “ birth Year ” with Keystone models appear be... Above apply to all RV furnace thermostat is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, though, but furnace. Wiring or continuity issues with the RV during the day as I start up but. Only a few strategic drops of oil will suffice to replace igniters, lack of air and! A power source the golden standard, though, but no gas flow to the motor of the furnace doesn... Replacing igniters should be done rv furnace thermocouple replacement subsidiary of Thor Industries, though, but it ’ impossible... Filter can do more harm than good batteries out there that get drained pretty quickly even... The dealer while not the most annoying ones the vent will work just fine, without any unnecessary annoying... This issue bracket at the thermocouple River furnaces, they must be simple!... Portable clamping fixture for use with C-RV, C-RL, and if I ’ ll fix the problem how!, removing the furnace why I always tell them to call a,.