They are also fairly indestructible which makes them the perfect house plant … Sansevierias are excellent air purifiers; one of the best! They are great for air purification because they can help filter out nitrogen oxide and formaldehyde! That tells you how easy it is to find and spread the Snake Plant love! One of the most common problems with growing plants is that they tend to attract insects and mosquitoes. The dryness inside the homes causes a lot of skin problems and headaches. Easy care and low maintenance, Snake plants tolerate low light, irregular watering, and all kinds of neglect. You can own a mother-in-laws tongue (also known as snake plant) for decades and never know that the plant can produce flowers.Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, you find that your plant has produced a flower stalk. The snake plant is ideal for longer life, intelligence, beauty, strength, art, and poetry. To get rid of mosquitoes – it is as easy as growing a snake plant around you. Why do you see them everywhere and why are they so popular?!? Fill out the form below. A snake plant is one of various plants considered ideal to clean indoor air, perhaps even the "best" indoor plant for removing air impurities because it is such a hardy plant indoors. Here is my family of Snake Plants! Sit down, pour yourself a glass of wine, whilst I regale you with the intricate and laborious procedure. This is because Sansevierias are highly resistant to pests. Studies suggest that having a plant that releases oxygen throughout the day leads to better sleep cycles. Sign up to receive weekly plant inspiration & knowledge. In drier areas, water more often but no more than every 2 weeks. It is also a succulent in disguise, so only water it little and infrequently! I bought the tall Silver Queen and the little Cylindrical one. The Snake plant is the opposite. Bathrooms with small windows and basements with low light levels are other ideal locations for Snake Plants. Homes are some of the driest spaces, which dehydrate the residents inside. Cactus Cactaceae For a plant that’s as hardy and low-care as dad, choose a cactus. 10 Best Non-Toxic Houseplants That are Safe For Children, Cats & Dogs. One of the best snake plant health benefits is it can make its small contribution to get rid of toxic air pollutants. Let’s see what are its benefits and much more detailed material. Direct sun light will quickly burn your plant! The snake plant is one of the easiest to grow plants which will not expect you to give it a lot of attention. The snake plant after all is wood element and it’s form represents fire element. Grow it indoors, grow it inside your room, grow it anywhere. While cleaning the air from chemicals and mold, Snake Plants, (like many other plants), will provide higher levels of humidity and fresh oxygen to any room. Must Read: Survival Tips For Indoor House Plant While On Vacation. It also proves beneficial when gifted, and the number of stalks has different benefits as six is for luck and prosperity, whereas seven is … Snake plants are great at enhancing your quality of life, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, strength, art, and poetry. The snake plant has a chemical called Saponin which repels mosquitoes. This is why they do so well in both humid environments such as bathrooms, as well as drier environments such as offices, on the opposite end. Must Read: 11 Indoor Plants That Will Absorb All the Negative Energy And Supercharge Your World. If you’re a forgetful person or if you have an extremely hectic schedule the snake plant will befriend you. They will thrive in rooms with small North and East facing windows or a few feet away from a South and West facing window. Keeping you Air Conditioner on will also show you how dry your home actually can get. While they favour medium light, they do well in darker areas of your home and office. Simply by growing the snake plant at your home, you could be living in a cooler, oxygen-rich world. Snake plant needs well-drained potting mix that doesn't hold a lot of water. The only pests that may attack your Snake Plant are the mealybugs and the spider mites. There are many Snake Plant benefits and uses. The plant is known for the additional benefit of releasing oxygen during night time. However, I like to believe the source narrating that the Snake Plant was first cultivated in China and was treasured by its growers for its symbolisms.Â. Useless to say, this quality makes it an amazing plant to clean stale bedrooms and offices air! The green beauty will actively give you more air to breathe at all times of the day. To prove that, we do not find any evidence such as a certain substance. Research says that air inside homes and houses is a lot more harmful than the air outside. It grew so fast! Bedrooms that generally don’t have great windows are ideal for Snake Plants. The decorative leaves will, in fact, liven up any space in your home. In order to develop bigger roots, I leave the offsets in water for over a month . NASA lists the snake plant as one of the best air purifying plants with a special ability to fight these harmful toxins. Which type of Snake Plant do you have? While cleaning the air from chemicals and mold, Snake Plants, (like many other plants),  will provide higher levels of humidity and fresh oxygen to any room. Sansevieria; Snake Plant/Mother in Law’s Tongue. Boosting oxygen during night Sansevierias are very resilient plants, however, overwatering is the number one cause of death for this plant! It is a debatable fact that the snake plant is also beneficial by providing protective energy to the space, depending on the position it is placed. Beyond its scientific name and “bedroom” nickname, the snake plant has also been known to respond to Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Devil’s Tongue, Bowstring Hemp, and variations of the Good Luck or Lucky Plant. In some cases, one part of the plant may be edible while another may be toxic. The snake plant will go for long durations without water. In urban spaces, the fight for space is real and you can grow your snake plant anywhere in the house without worrying about the amount of space it will take up or that it will grow too fast. Snake Plants remove toxins from the air like trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and toluene all while converting the carbon dioxide you release into oxygen. The pointed leaves can be used to shield against negative killing energies. However, flowering is unpredictable. She enjoys the low light and higher humidity levels. Thank you for your comment! It is one of the most popular Vastu plants for home. The two offsets were moved from water jars into a little pot to further develop their rhizomes and create more offsets! Even if you live in a part of your city where there are excessive mosquitoes, growing the snake plant will surely help you live itch-free. You growing the snake plant could be the helpful drop the world needs right now. As all other plants are liberating carbon dioxide at night time, snake plant releases oxygen. But even if we know the uses of the plant, one should also know which part of the plant could be used. You probably know better how harmful toxins or gases such as benzene, xylene, and formaldehyde could cause respiratory problems when inhaled. But the snake plant is your friend. This Silver Queen Snake Plant is sitting in the darkest corner of our bathroom. Snake Plants (Sansevieria) Benefits One of the main benefits of growing a snake plant ( sansevieria) indoors is its ability to filter certain toxins from the air. These cancer-causing pollutants are harmful to our health, a well-known proven fact. As you can see from the picture, I had to open the jar to let the one stem grow freely! It does not require a lot of pruning or frequent watering. Benefits of Snake Plant: Plus Types, Cautions, and How to Grow With a sharp knife I cut off the fresh offsets as close as possible to the mother plant. Toll Free in the U.S. 1-866-284-4125 +1 339-222-5134. You must wonder what exhausting series of weird machinations Grumpy engages in to produce such a year-after-year, mind-blowing spectacle. Need a price instantly? The architectural, tall shape of the most common Sansevieria Trifasciata makes it an excellent plant for corners of homes and offices.Â. In this picture you can spot my two Snake Plant cuttings inside little glass jars.Â. If you’re complaining about an increase in pollution, imagine how much of the polluted air gets trapped in your home. Beside that, its leaves extends in an upward direction that is an auspicious representation of growth and positivism. In fact, the snake plant is one of the few shrubs where you can grow new plants from any of its parts. The snake plant in that way protects your home from several negative energies and will bring you more protective energies. No more outdoor summer’s vacations! Benefits & Uses of the Snake Plant The African Spear, like other Snake plants, is quite an illustrious houseplant due to its capacity to purify the air. Cylindrical Snake Plant Overview. Contact us now. Â, While aphids traveled from the Hibiscus to other plants, they didn’t seem to care much about the Snake Plants…. Because it is very easy to grow more by simply cutting the leaf, setting it in water, waiting for the roots to grow and then replanting the new plant in soil. Would you share a picture please? Like the Spider Plant and ZZ Plant, the Snake Plant has so many benefits that are hard to ignore. Wow!! The Silver Queen sitting in her peacock “throne”, (she’s a Queen after all) in our bedroom. This has shown to significantly reduce allergic reactions and symptoms. The air cleaning qualities of this plant are shown in the NASA Clean Air Study. But, if you grow a snake plant you do not need to worry. The snake plant does not have a lot of demands, in fact, it can be grown in darker corners of your home including the bathroom. What is the big fuss around Snake Plants? It is an easy process and you will have more beautiful snake plants ready to gift and share! Does it smell really good as people describe it? It is really important your Snake Plant has good drainage in order to avoid rhizome (roots) rot. The Bird’s Nest in the first picture is displayed in a modern, clean lines and light coloured pot; the one in the second picture is displayed in an old, rustic terracotta pot. After many years, mine flowered for the first time. I did, however, propagate our little Cylindrical Snake Plant by simply cutting the offsets off as close as possible to the original stems. Sansevieria also known as Snake Plant is a popular houseplant that rarely blooms. It also contains antioxidants that help to protect people from causing eye irritation, respiratory problems, and headache. However, why have snake plants at home when there are various alternative feng shui plants that can serve the same purpose… but without the questionable connotation. I learned my lesson; my house plants will always be house plants, and only house plants. 5 amazing benefits of Snake plants Snake plants are considered some of the best indoor plants to purify air, according to NASA Clean Air Study. My snake plant is blooming as I type. Other than CO2, it can absorb benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. The snake plant, therefore, brings strong wood element energy which can be used to cut through stagnant and negative energy in the room. Get a price in less than 24 hours. Looks Great; Apart … The snake plant is one of those few. Closed Terrarium 101 - 7 Easy Steps to Build Your Glass Terrarium. Before you start your journey with a snake plant make sure to read up on the ideal watering schedule and placement for a healthy plant and healthy home! Because the snake plant has smooth leaves, it does not attract allergens and dust particles. The answer is real simple; they are one of the hardest plants to kill and easiest plants to grow and care for! See picture sequence here below. The beautiful plant has dark and light green stripes on its leaves which look very similar to the skin of a snake. It seems to be a rare occurrence and it only happens when the plant is left in very poor conditions. However, we can say that there are two main styles; tall ones and small ones! I recommend Succulent/Cactus soil mixed with regular potting soil for proper drainage. Apart from the various toxins that the snake plant removes from your home, it is also one of the best sources of oxygen throughout the day. Your tall Snake Plant can either be placed directly on the floor in a nice pot, (like this one), or displayed on a nice stand.Â. I have adopted the small Bird’s Nest in the terracotta pot from a yard sale. So it is beneficial if it is placed in bedrooms especially. Snake plant benefits are in numerous. The Sansevieria (san-suh-veer-ee-uh), often called an Elephants toothpick – which is so fitting for these statement plants with interesting sword like leaves – has succulent like adaptations and is virtually indestructible.This makes this wonderful focal plant adaptable to different conditions and low maintenance. The Snake Plant, or Mother-in-Law's Tongue, is one of the most recommended plants for improving air quality. If you don’t have a lot of space and still want to add some beautiful decorations to your home, the snake plant is an ideal choice, Even if you’re a forgetful person or if you do not find the time to cater to the special needs of plants. And a sustainable future will help you, your family and everyone in the longer run. Snake plants have a variety of foliage and many feature green banded leaves. Must read: 25 Best Summer Flowers in India. and objects (newspapers, gas stoves, plastic bottles, etc.) But, the fact is that snake plant benefits can reduce CO2. Well, yes. The trick is to regulate watering based on the humidity levels of the environment and to always provide proper drainage to the rhizomes, (roots), as described here above. The sharp and pointy leaves of the snake plant in Feng Shui symbolizes swords or protective spirits. There are infinite ways to decorate with plants in general; but even more so with Snake Plants. In a short period of time, we have become favorites among households and plant enthusiasts as we provide the widest collection of indoor and outdoor plants. Whatever you do, it is critical you keep them away from direct sun light. Every species of Snake Plant is extremely easy to propagate. Snake plant is classic yet versatile houseplant with sword like foliage design. Not only Snake Plants are ideal corner plants with their tall architectural shape; they are excellent bedroom plants thanks to their air purifying qualities! The beautiful shrub is your friend and will protect you from the insects and the diseases they tend to carry. Dracaena trifasciata is commonly called "mother-in-law's tongue", "Saint George's sword" or "snake plant", because of the shape and sharp margins of its leaves. The plant is able to survive a variety of lighting conditions and adapts to all parts of your home. While this plant was first cultivated in China, there are over 70 different species of Sansevierias in the world; they are all native to tropical and sub/tropical regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. Apart from being one of the world’s most fuss-free plants here are 10 benefits of the Snake Plant that you should expect once you start growing yours. It is excellent for the forgetful gardener and its considered a top air purify plant for indoor environment. Sansevierias thrive in a wide range of humidity conditions.Â. contain toxins which float about in the air. As you can see the Snake plant is super easy to care for, and on top of that they also have other great benefits. According to Feng-Shui, if placed in specific corners a snake plant will bring positive energies in the form of prosperity, long life, intelligence, beauty, strength, art, and poetry. The only thing the plant requires is that you do not fiddle with it often. There are two major ways to propagate Sansevierias: Leaf Cut and Rhizome/offset Cut.Â, I have never tried the Leaf Cut method before so I am not going to speak for it.Â. Your home and plant could soon provide you with all the oxygen that you need. Snake Plants require very little watering!Â, I water mine every 2 weeks but in the winter, and especially in humid environments, you can push your watering to every 6 weeks!!Â. Dracaena bacularis is happy wherever. Why wouldn’t you want to care for a plant like this?!? In Feng Shui plants that are associated with good luck are also air purifying because stagnant, dirty, and low-quality air in any room contribute to bad energy. This way, the offset already has an initial tiny root attached to it. Pests problems are not that common in house plants, unless, like me, you choose to place some of your house plants outside in the summer. Leaving it to grow on its own is perhaps the best idea to have a healthy plant! Flat 10% off on all orders. Better air means better sleep, which makes them a popular plant for the bedroom. Knowing Snake Plant benefits 1. An increase in humidity inside homes will also give you a sense of fresher air. It is a slow-growing plant that rises upwards, so it will not take up too much space. Hi Kimberly! There are very few plants that release oxygen and convert carbon dioxide even at night. This succulent plant was previously known as … They require certain kinds of lights, certain kinds of water, or they shed too often, etc. Smaller Sansevierias, like Cylindrical and Bird’s Nest can be used as living decor for the darker areas of your home and office. This pictures show how versatile Snake Plants are. Growing the Snake Plant at your home will purify the air inside your home. CO2 Absorber in the Night. Studies suggest that residents living around snake plants have lesser eye irritation, fewer respiratory problems, fewer headaches, lesser impairment of the lungs. It is a low-maintenance plant that is mostly used to purify the air in the bedroom. If you’ve ever made an excuse that your home does not receive enough light indoors and so you don’t grow plants; the snake plant is a perfect fit for you. However, you can park it in a dark corner and it'll be just fine. A lot of house plants are very fussy. In this particular picture, tall and small are tied together by the same vintage looking terracotta pots. Without any further due, here are the Snake Plant 7 most wanted benefits! It can handle partial shade to full sun, but it will grow taller the more light it gets. It took me an entire year to finally destroy the aphids that came in the house with my Hibiscus. A theoretical report published at Harvard University showed that a snake plants or Sansevieria is one of the most oxygen giving houseplants and its health benefits for humans cannot be denied. It is also known as the "viper's bowstring hemp", because it is one of the sources for plant fibers used to make bowstrings. Snake plants, along with spider plants and peace lilies, are reportedly very effective at cleaning the air, removing toxins such as formaldehyde.However, further studies are needed to determine the true extent of these plants’ air-purifying capabilities! PlantDecors is one of the best places to buy unique house plants in India. Several common household devices (television, microwaves, etc.) It can be leaves, fruits, flowers, stem, seeds or the roots too. Four Cool Facts About Snake Plants. Small Snake Plants can be grouped with a common pot style on a shelf or table top. The plant may releases moisture in the air and reduces the risk of airborne allergies effectively. It is disbelief and confusion that any plants like this in the night releases oxygen continuously. Intuitively, the smaller the plant, the easier it is to cut. is an initiative by IIT and IIM Alumni. Sansevieria, also know as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, is well known to improve the air quality of your house. Snake Plants thrive in a wide range of light conditions; from bright indirect to low light.Â. If you already have a snake plant growing at your home or around you, you are in luck! Use code : NEWYEAR2020, Survival Tips For Indoor House Plant While On Vacation, 11 Indoor Plants That Will Absorb All the Negative Energy And Supercharge Your World, How Crassula Plant Attracts Money and The Formula Behind It →, Large Indoor Plants That Have the Wow Factor, How Crassula Plant Attracts Money and The Formula Behind It, How to Grow and Caring Tips for Chinese Money Plant in India, Vertical Vegetable Gardening Ideas and DIY Plans for Every Home Gardener. Yes, I have. Air Purifier Approved by NASA The Sansevieria is an ideal plant for indoor spaces because it is a superb air purifier. What this means is that common allergies caused by dust particles and allergies floating in the air will be reduced. I’ve found discrepancies in my research on the origins of this plant. I placed this little offset directly into a pot with soil and sealed it into a glass jar. In big and small offices, (even home office with more that one desk), they can be used as natural partition walls, in lieu of the stereotypical cubicle walls. The study demonstrates that Sansevierias help remove toxins from the air, in particular; benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene.Â. This is why, in my opinion, these are the 3 must have plants that anyone should have in their homes, regardless of their botanical skills. The snake plant is ideal for longer life, intelligence, beauty, strength, art, and poetry. is for sale! So their placement in areas that require these elements can boost the home sectors in an elemental sense. Ideally, snake plant likes to be in bright but indirect sunlight. Powered By. A blooming Snake Plant is such a rare occurrence! Great article… could you touch upon a blooming snake, mine just sent out a flower stalk and I was blown away, miracles of all miracles 😁. The sharp and pointy leaves of the snake plant in Feng Shui symbolizes swords or protective spirits. Feng Shui has a love affair with succulent plants because they are easy to grow and can adapt to every space and temperature. Decorate your home or send plants as gift to your loved ones across India. If your pot does not have draining holes, make sure you add a good layer of draining rocks and activated charcoal to the bottom of your pot. If you’re still confused or wondering whether the snake plant is for you, do not give it another thought and get one as soon as possible. Snake Plant and Mother in Law Tongue are the most common names used for the many varieties of Sansevierias on the market. We can give you the price over the phone, help you with the purchase process, and answer any questions. It always does this time of year. These toxins slowly harm your respiratory system and cause a lot of long term side effects. Useless to say, this quality makes it an amazing plant to clean stale bedrooms and offices air! The plant is often called mother-in-law’s tongue because of its sharp appearance and is grown all over the world. 1. When placed in humid areas, you will need to water less and have extra drainage to avoid excessive stagnant moist around the roots. I received the Bird’s Nest cuttings in the geometric pot from a friend! New hybrids are produced these days on a regular basis.Â. Snake plant efficiently absorbs toxins and releases oxygen in the environment. The snake plant in that way protects your home from several negative energies and will bring you more protective energies.  If they do have big bright windows, they generally have some sort of window coverings for privacy purposes. In-fact, it was believed that the Eight Immortals granted their virtues of Longevity, Prosperity, Intelligence, Beauty, Art, Health and Strength to the people who cared for this plant. If you suffer from migraines or prolonged colds, sinus or excessive sneezing, the Snake Plant will be an effective solution to improve your health and the health of your home. Lets You Sleep Well: It is stated earlier, this Snake Plant is one of those most oxygen producing plants and it is also one of the rarest plants that controls emission of carbon dioxide even at night. Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), ZZ Plant | 6 Reasons Why You Need a ZZ Plant in Your Home and Office, Spider Plant | 5 Reasons why it’s a Must Have Indoor Plant, Choosing Paint Colours For Your Walls The Proper Way, Misting Indoor Plants | Why It Really Works, How to Care for a Norfolk Island Pine Indoors, Christmas Cactus & Thanksgiving Cactus | Schlumbergera Distinction and Care, The Truth About The Peace Lily | How To Keep It Healthy And Beautiful, Tall Indoor Plants | 7 Best Large Houseplants to Grow in Your Home, How to Plant in Pots Without Drainage Holes - 4 Simple Solutions. This plant is extremely drought-tolerant, but its Achilles' heel is too much water. Under the proper conditions, mature snake plants produce fragrant whitish green or light yellow flowers. As mentioned before, there are dozens of different types of Snake Plants. Various studies, including one from NASA (Wolverton, Johnson and Bounds 1989), showed this plant’s ability to remove toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air of a small room or indoor space. These Snake Plant Benefits improve the home environments and can even improve health, we will go further in-depth with the points below. The snake plant will balance out the humidity in your home and will release more moisture. Lucky bamboo attracts peace, positive energy, luck, prosperity, and also works as a great tabletop or desk plant. The snake plant is a beautiful indoor shrub with long wavy leaves. Snake Plant. Prevents Allergies: The Snake Plant acts as an air purifier removing most airborne irritants. The advantage of growing Sansevieria laurentii ( Mother in Law’s Tongue ) is that it reduces the levels of the toxins Trichloroethylene (TCE), Benzene, and Formaldehyde. Whether it's a cactus, snake plant or the cool-sounding dragon tree, this Father's Day show dad he’s the greatest with one of these five plant picks. Fact #1: The snake plant goes by many names – and they’re all quirky. Potted plants must usually be potbound to flower. Another great benefit?